Excellent product. Came on time and is easy to use. Very pleased with the product and would buy it again.

Cat Repellent Spikes – The Perfect Solution To Protect Your Fence Line & Property From Pest Cats

Non Lethal & Environmentally Friendly


Cat Spikes | Cat Spikes For Fence | Cat Deterrent Spike Strips

Hard Molded Plastic

Original price was: $14.Current price is: $10.

per 50cm strip

NO MINIMUM - Order just the number of strips (50cm lengths) you need


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Prevent cats from scurrying anywhere….

DIY & super easy to install hard molded plastic cat spikes provides 100% protection on rooftops, ledges, fences, and more and require zero maintenance and can last a lifetime.


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NO MINIMUM - Order just the number of strips (50cm lengths) you need

Original price was: $14.Current price is: $10.

per 50cm strip

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where to buy possum spike strips online

Anti Cat Spikes – Non Lethal & Environmentally Friendly

  • Practical in Use: Simply mount the spike on your fence or stick them to a wall for instant effect.
  • Aesthetically Pleasing: No unsightly wires. The simple and effective cat deterrent spikes can control and stop cats in their tracks (keeps squirrels and birds away also) without causing any harm.
  • Easy to Install: The anti cat spike can be installed on top of any flat surface (fences, gates, sheds, railings, ledges, boundary walls) stopping not only cats but also squirrels, raccoons, birds and other rodents.
  • Effective Size: Cat repellent spikes come in 19.68 inches (50 centimeters) segments so they can fit on all lengths of fence and boundary. Measure carefully and buy enough to cover the full boundary of your garden for maximum effectiveness.
  • Premium Material: These premium cat deterrent spikes are made from high-quality robust propylene plastic and are highly durable, weather resistant and will not corrode like their metallic spikes counterpart.


  • Made of polypropylene material, weather resistant, can be exposed to the sun and rain.
  • can be easily fixed on the top of the fence or brick wall with glue, nails or screws, and can also be used for branches or sheds.
  • Effective against humans, cats, foxes and large birds.
  • Suitable for use in fences, walls, gates, sheds, railings, ledges, etc.
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How do Cat Spikes work to deter cats?
Cat Spikes are designed with pointed elements that deter cats from walking or landing on surfaces like fences, walls, or garden furniture, making these areas uncomfortable for them.
Are Cat Repellent Spikes safe for cats?
Yes, Cat Repellent Spikes are safe for cats. They provide a humane way to discourage cats from entering certain areas without causing harm.
Can I install Cat Deterrent Spikes myself?
Yes, Cat Deterrent Spikes are typically easy to install. Most come with adhesive or can be secured with screws, making them a DIY-friendly solution.
Do Cat Spikes rust over time?
Cat Spikes are often made from materials resistant to rust, ensuring their durability and effectiveness over time.
Where can I use Cat Repellent Spikes?
Cat Repellent Spikes can be used on a variety of surfaces, including fences, ledges, roofs, and garden borders, to keep cats away.
Do Cat Deterrent Spikes work for other animals?
While Cat Deterrent Spikes are primarily designed for cats, they can also deter some other small animals, such as squirrels or birds, from landing on treated surfaces.
Will Cat Spikes harm my pet cat if they accidentally touch them?
Cat Spikes are designed to be safe for pets. They are blunt-tipped and meant to deter, not injure, cats or other animals.
How long do Cat Repellent Spikes last?
Cat Repellent Spikes are durable and can last for several years, providing long-term cat deterrence.
Are Cat Deterrent Spikes visible?
Cat Deterrent Spikes are typically discreet and blend in with most surfaces, so they won’t significantly alter the appearance of your property.
Can Cat Spikes be painted to match my fence or wall?
Yes, many Cat Spikes can be painted to match your existing surfaces, ensuring a seamless and aesthetically pleasing deterrent solution.

10 reviews for Pest Spikes | Pest Control Spikes | Spike Pest Control (per 50cm strip)

  1. Cat Spikes | Cat Spikes For Fence | Cat Deterrent Spike Strips (per 50cm strip) 1


    These things are great! Was so worried about my cats getting out to the road..installed these and my cats have not been anywhere outside my yard.l can relax and know they are safe at home.l love these.

  2. Cat Spikes | Cat Spikes For Fence | Cat Deterrent Spike Strips (per 50cm strip) 2


    Like the way that it has section. Put them under my garage and the birds have stopped building their nests. Easy to put up. Great product.

  3. Cat Spikes | Cat Spikes For Fence | Cat Deterrent Spike Strips (per 50cm strip) 3


    Love this item and so far seems to be working good.

  4. Cat Spikes | Cat Spikes For Fence | Cat Deterrent Spike Strips (per 50cm strip) 4


    Like everything about bird spike. Easy to install ( I used double sided tape I already had) and…. It works… I sit on my balcony a lot and have observed that the birds fly around the posts but no longer sit on the railing and drop bird poop on my balcony tiles

  5. Cat Spikes | Cat Spikes For Fence | Cat Deterrent Spike Strips (per 50cm strip) 5


    I bought these to keep my cats away from our new windows recommend these for anyone trying to keep smaller animals off/away from specific areas.

  6. Cat Spikes | Cat Spikes For Fence | Cat Deterrent Spike Strips (per 50cm strip) 6


    I have put them in my raised planting beds and pots. The squirrels have stopped digging up my plants.

  7. Cat Spikes | Cat Spikes For Fence | Cat Deterrent Spike Strips (per 50cm strip) 7


    These worked perfectly for what we needed. I like that they’re spiky enough to keep cat off, but not so spiky that they hurt her when she does paw at them. Couldn’t be happier.

  8. Cat Spikes | Cat Spikes For Fence | Cat Deterrent Spike Strips (per 50cm strip) 8


    This product is a good bird deterrent. Now I can enjoy seeing the birds at my feeder and not have to keep cleaning their mess off the porch. I recommend this product for deterring birds.

  9. Cat Spikes | Cat Spikes For Fence | Cat Deterrent Spike Strips (per 50cm strip) 9


    Easy to install and no more bird poop on my garden swing cushions! Thank you!

  10. Cat Spikes | Cat Spikes For Fence | Cat Deterrent Spike Strips (per 50cm strip) 10


    purchased this because a bird was using my mailbox as a toilet. I used double sided Gorilla Tape to attach these to the top of the mailbox, and the Bird had to find facilities elsewhere. Solved a problem we have been dealing with for over a year. Couldn’t be happier.

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