I put it on my fence to prevent possums from using my house as a highway, easy to install, like these a lot. Very unobtrusive

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Picture a serene night in your garden, the moonlight casting a gentle glow on your plants and flowers. Then, out of the corner of your eye, you spot an uninvited visitor—a possum. While these nocturnal creatures may seem harmless, they can wreak havoc on your garden, potentially causing damage to plants, flowers, and even your home. This is where possum spikes come to the rescue, offering a humane and effective solution to protect your space from these curious critters. In this blog post, we’ll explore what possum spikes are, how they work, and why they are an essential tool for possum management.

Possum Spikes: A Gentle Solution to an Unwelcome Guest

Understanding Possum Spikes:

Possum spikes, also known as possum deterrent spikes or possum control spikes, are specialized devices designed to deter possums from climbing or accessing certain areas. These spikes are typically made of safe and humane materials like plastic or metal and are installed on surfaces such as trees, fences, or ledges, where possums are known to frequent.

How Do Possum Spikes Work?

Possum spikes operate on a simple yet effective principle: they create an uncomfortable surface that possums avoid. Here’s how they work:

Physical Deterrent: The spikes have pointed edges that prevent possums from finding a stable foothold. When possums attempt to climb or access a protected area, they encounter these spikes, which discourage them from continuing their journey.

Humane Solution: It’s important to note that possum spikes do not harm the animals in any way. They merely deter possums from accessing specific locations without causing injury or distress.

Why Choose Possum Spikes?

Humane Solution: Possum spikes offer a humane and non-lethal way to manage possums. They encourage possums to seek alternative locations for shelter or foraging without causing harm.

Effective Deterrence: These spikes are highly effective at preventing possums from accessing your garden, roof, or other areas where they can cause damage or disturbance.

Low Maintenance: Once installed, possum spikes require minimal maintenance. They are durable and can provide long-term protection against possum intrusion.

Garden Protection: Possums are known to munch on plants and flowers, potentially damaging your garden. Possum spikes help safeguard your greenery from these nocturnal grazers.

No Chemicals: Possum spikes offer a chemical-free and environmentally friendly solution, making them safe for your garden and the ecosystem.

Installation and Considerations:

Installing possum spikes is typically a straightforward process. However, it’s essential to consider factors such as the type of spikes, the specific areas needing protection, and local regulations regarding possum control methods. In some cases, professional installation services may be beneficial for larger or more complex projects.


Possum spikes are a practical and responsible choice for managing possum-related issues. Whether you’re a homeowner with a garden or a business owner dealing with possums on your property, these devices can help protect your space from the disturbances and potential damage caused by these curious nocturnal creatures. Consider possum spikes as a humane and effective solution to maintain a harmonious environment for both you and your unexpected possum guests.

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How effective are Spikes For Possums in deterring possums from my property?
Spikes For Possums are highly effective in preventing possums from accessing areas where they are not wanted. They create a physical barrier that possums find uncomfortable to traverse.
Can a Possum Deterrent Spike Strip be installed on various surfaces?
Yes, Possum Deterrent Spike Strips are versatile and can be easily installed on a variety of surfaces, including fences, roofs, trees, and more.
Are Possum Spikes safe for possums and other wildlife?
Possum Spikes are designed to be safe and humane. They act as a deterrent rather than causing harm, encouraging possums to find alternative routes.
How long do Spikes For Possums last once installed?
Spikes For Possums are made from durable materials that can withstand weather conditions, providing long-lasting protection against possum intrusion.
Do Possum Deterrent Spike Strips require professional installation?
No, Possum Deterrent Spike Strips are designed for easy DIY installation, making them a cost-effective solution for homeowners.
Can Possum Spikes be painted or camouflaged to match my property?
Yes, Possum Spikes can be painted or concealed to blend with the surroundings, ensuring they do not disrupt the aesthetics of your property.
Do Spikes For Possums work for other pests as well?
While primarily designed for possums, Spikes For Possums can also deter other climbing pests such as raccoons, squirrels, and some birds.
Are Possum Deterrent Spike Strips suitable for commercial use?
Yes, Possum Deterrent Spike Strips can be used in commercial settings to protect structures and properties from possum intrusion.
Do Possum Spikes require maintenance once installed?
Possum Spikes are low-maintenance and require minimal attention once installed, providing ongoing protection.
Can Spikes For Possums be removed if I no longer need them?
Yes, Spikes For Possums are typically removable and leave no permanent damage to surfaces when properly installed and removed.